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It's not you, it's me...

What does 'beginner and intermediate' mean? and Why?

This refers to us more than it refers to people walking in the door. Targeting the beginner and intermediate population helps us dial in the experience we deliver. This is our brand. People often think brand is colors and logos.

Your brand is a promise you make to the people walking through the door.

Our deliberate teaching, drills, structure of class, and movement selection is centered around serving this population. We cap our Monday-Saturday classes at 12. While this cap is uncommon because it sets your financial ceiling, it ensures that we can effectively reach each person in class. Every decision we make is based on people first.

Pushups to a box are a wonderful option for upper body training
Run your own race

If your goals are to compete in the finals of The CrossFit Games... we would leave a hole in your training. We do not train the Muscle-Up, Handstand Pushup, Rope Climb, or Handstand Walk. Much like swinging a golf club, or hitting a volleyball, you would need to dedicate separate time to those sport specific skills. Our students have often heard,

"You do not need to train the deadlift to get better at the deadlift"

We will make you stronger, fitter, and more coordinated. The FIVE is elite level Strength and Conditioning. We will grow your base of fitness, which as we know, the peak can only be as tall as the base is wide. By helping you grow your base, we also grow the possibility of what you can do outside the gym.

We do believe this group is pushed aside and not taken seriously. They're often given the lowest coach on the totem pole and a watered down program. Coaches naturally gravitate to the medal winner. That's the easy route. The ability to take complex systems and distill them down to their most simple parts takes years of study and practice. We have measured the risk vs. reward of methods and movements to give the most robust and safest training option available. For us, this is the more difficult road and also the most rewarding. its not you its me

This is who we are, unapologetically, for better or worse. In the end; We are just a gym, sitting at the bottom of a hill, asking you to try us...

(if it aligns with where you're at).

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