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Dan-A vs Dan-B... A Fitness Case-Study

When we first opened our doors, we were clear about what we were not. This led to a series of vague questions. In the short time since we have spelled out exactly what we are, it has lended itself to a more direct line of questioning. The first being...

What does 'Strength and Conditioning facility' mean? Fitness Case study

We are an unbranded space to help you get stronger and in better shape. We do not subscribe to any one method or brand of fitness. No one owns the Power Clean, Burpee, or Jump Rope. We believe in fundamentals that have withstood the test of time. We also understand that your body has unbelievable capacity and all of those capacities need training. Heavy..Light...Fast...Slow; they all play a part in a system of systems. Fitness case study

A scenario to help spark thinking would be to precisely clone a human being. An exact mirror image in both capacity and experience. We would then put each one into two separate situations. "Dan-A" is placed in an NCAA Division-I Strength and Conditioning program (i.e. U of Oregon, LSU, etc). "Dan-B" is placed in a HIIT Studio, CrossFit Gym, etc.

Be Fast
Nothing can match the Sprint

"Dan-A" would basically do half a dozen movements 90% of the time for his four years. Starting slow, and progressively building strength over a long period of time. "Dan-A" would Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Power Clean, RDL, and Push a Sled, for the most part. "Dan-B" would spend the four years doing close to 10 times the number of different movements; much fewer Sled Pushes, RDL's and Bench Presses. Most of "Dan-B's" time would be spent trying to slingshot himself over a bar during Muscle-Up Drills and doing 1,000 Snatches that are way too light to get the results "Dan-A" would be getting in much less time.

This is NOT an argument against HIIT or CrossFit.

If the Fitness space had everything figured out we would not have opened our doors. We saw a need, and that need is our driving force.

The need is for a better execution of fitness for the general population.

A lack of Heavy Farmer Carries, and an abundance of attempted Handstand Push-Ups/Walking for the general public is where we see an issue.

Less time moving to fill a marketing agenda and more time building resilient human beings.

We will not teach you how to be better at your specific sport (Golf, CrossFit, Football, etc). What we will do, is make you more powerful, balanced, and coordinated for whatever you choose to do.

Ask yourself, After four years of training, which "Dan" would be stronger, more powerful, present with fewer injuries, and generally be more ready to navigate their life? This is a charge to drop the sexy marketing and build something with utility. We are up for the task... are you?

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