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What would you say... you do here?

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

If you are driven by purpose, you are without competition...

The Blog is an opportunity for those inside, and outside, the gym to keep up with the developments in philosophy and approach guiding our program. Recently, we have taken to the task of defining exactly who we are at The FIVE Gym. This undertaking provides clarity about our offering. What you'll find next is a clear message that sheds light on our purpose and decision making. gym for beginners

'The FIVE Gym is a Strength and Conditioning facility formatted specifically for beginners and intermediates to have direct access to elite coaching and programming. The FIVE is a space to ENHANCE your life, NOT become your life.'

Five Gym Sunday Mass Keg Carry
The First SUNDAY Mass

In the following days we will dive into what exactly this statement means. The FIVE Gym has no interest in playing in the crowded waters of the fitness industry. Since our opening, we have found the need for beginners and intermediates to have access to quality Strength and Conditioning coaching and programming. This road is rarely traveled by other fitness businesses'. Our path requires patience and decades of experience to effectively serve this demographic. We are up for the task. gym for beginners

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